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Offsite Professionals Goal Setting and How to Achieve It

Do you set your goal yourself for your business?

If the answer is yes, you are on the right track! If the answer is No, allow us to explain how an Offsite Professional Virtual Assistant can assist you in establishing or even achieving your business goal.

The trust factor is just one of several things we might think about. Do you have faith in your virtual assistant to understand the objectives of your own business or organization? In particular, you don't have time to get to know your assistant as we are now working remotely.

Here at Offsite Professionals one of our Core Values is Trust: “We trust that all of our Virtual Assistants are keen on upholding our business' policies and objectives even when no one is watching. We build trust in every interaction with our clients.”

To help you and your virtual assistant succeed in setting up and accomplishing your goal, let us share some suggestions with you.

5 Steps to Set your Goal with your Virtual Assistant

  1. Identify your daily, weekly, or monthly goals – you must be firm and set your goals on paper in advance. Achievable and reasonable goals should be something you are certain about.

  2. Prioritization – together with your virtual assistant, make a checklist of the objectives you should give priority to.

  3. Action Planning – meet with your Virtual Assistant and develop an action plan. Discuss your objectives and the action plans you can both develop to meet them.

  4. Check your progress! – In order to know what needs to be done the next time you set a goal, you might ask your Virtual Assistant to keep note of your progress, what went well, and what didn't, for the week or the month.

  5. Celebrate with your Virtual Assistant – A small compliment can mean a lot! Please take the time to congratulate your Virtual Assistant on helping you in achieving your goals. It is something that will encourage them to work even harder and keep trying their best to assist you.

Want to set-up your business goals now? You may reply to this email or book a FREE 30-min consultation call with us!

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