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Moku Mano Dive

OP Owners Log 1/7/2023

We work hard to play hard, we know, it’s saying that you’ve heard a lot, but we think of it in a different way.  We work hard to set up systems and processes that we can have other people perform so that we can spend our time out playing and exploring.  Below are the adventures that Offsite Professionals has enabled us to spend more time doing what we want to do.  We aren’t trying to brag, but what we want is to inspire you to make the next step toward your freedom and we hope that chronicling our adventures and the frequency at which we do them will give you hope and aspirations that you too can pursue your hopes and dreams, and ultimately gain the freedom that you already work so hard for. 

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Blackbeard Liveaboard

OP Owners Log - 12/5/2021

The day had finally come to go to the long-awaited liveaboard dive trip in Nassau, Bahamas. AJ and I immediately became dive buddies as soon as we took our first tropical vacation together in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. While I was still pretty green when we first dove together, I quickly came up to speed. Now we had the opportunity to eat sleep and breathe (literally) diving for a whole week in the beautiful blue Caribbean.

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