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What Our Clients Say

Explore the genuine stories of our satisfied clients, inviting you to discover the transformative experiences shared through our services, one testimonial at a time.


At Offsite Professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch virtual assistant services that transform the way our clients work. Whether you're a bustling entrepreneur, a growing business, or a busy executive, our dedicated team of virtual assistants is here to lighten your load and help you focus on what truly matters. But don’t just take our word for it—hear directly from those who have experienced the magic of our services.

Our clients come from diverse industries and backgrounds, each with unique challenges and goals. From administrative support to specialized project management, we've partnered with them to achieve success and drive productivity. Read on to discover how Offsite Professionals has made a difference in their daily operations and why they trust us to be an integral part of their team.

Owner, Uptown Properties

AJ Shepard


I made the right choice when I chose an offsite professional to be a part of our team. Allen has helped me both in personal and business aspect of the business. She gets things done, pays attention to detail, and a smart person to work with. She is also very hands on with administrative tasks, helps me stay organized, and meets deliverables. Working with Allen gave me more opportunities to focus my time on other aspects of my business. I just knew when I interviewed Allen, that she was the one I am lookingfor. She has been nothing but amazing since day one.

Co-owner, Uptown Properties

Chris Shepard

Chris Shepard.jpg

I was looking to find ways to allow me maximize my time especially with the accounting side of my property management company. That’s when I have hired May to be my assistant and to help me with accounting tasks. She has helped me a lot and the accounting tasks are getting done on a timely manner. Her past experience in accounting has been a great help and she did not have a hard time adjusting to the business I am in. She is smart, has great initiative, organized, and a great person to collaborate with. I am excited to work with more future projects with my offsite professional, May.

Offsite Professionals and Allen [have] been a huge help for me and my company! From getting the information about the candidates like resumes, videos, and doing tests to interviewing them initially - is really wise. It assures me that the candidates provided by Offsite Professionals are [some] of the best before even meeting them. Offsite Professionals and Allen help [with] everything. I couldn’t recommend Offsite Professionals more!

PBA_9069 copy.jpg

Cyndi Strandberg

Owner, Evergreen Property Mgmt.

Realtor, Taylor Rhodes Real Estate

Taylor Rhodes

Taylor Rhodes.jpg

Having an Offsite Professional is one of those game-changing decisions that don't reveal their importance until after it has been done. I look back on how I was operating before my wonderful and talented Offsite Professional, Miki joined my side, and it's a wonder that I even finished half of the things on my to-do list. My experience with Miki has been 100% positive and without reservations. My time has been freed in order to focus on the tasks and processes that will move my business forward the most. Not only does Miki do an excellent job of filtering my emails, corresponding to incoming phone calls, creating marketing content, organizing my calendar, and running my social media, but they do a fantastic job of innovating current processes to increase the overall efficiency of my business. If you find yourself swamped with tedious tasks, operating in urgency instead of importance –an Offsite Professional is definitely for you!

Trent J Werner Real Estate

Trent Werner

Trent Werner.jpg

My experience after hiring an off-site professional has been nothing short of amazing. I feel like I have added a team member to my team ever since Jessica started working with me. She is diligent, organized, and willing to learn new things every day. My business has increased 66% since she started and it is all thanks to Jessica. Finding someone [who] is great at the tasks that I struggled with before Jess started is something that I never considered before. I noticed that I was falling behind and not completing some of my required tasks and Jessica has created new processes to not only get these tasks done but also more efficiently. I recommend everyone hire an off-site professional to welcome a new team member to their business.

Our business went 3x in a matter of about a year and I couldn’t do everything myself anymore. I was [the person behind] sales, accounting, operations, scheduling, ordering, inventory management, and everything in between. AJ (co-founder) had 6 Offsite Professionals at the time and kept insisting that I could spend more time doing what I love if I had an assistant, but I didn’t think I had enough work to bring someone on full-time. I finally took the plunge and would never go back. [...] In all, Lora has saved us over $100,000 in the year that she has been with us and has allowed me to work from my phone most of the time allowing me to travel more and have more freedom from my computer.

Dustin Sauer.jpeg

Dustin Sauer

Owner, Overland Van Project

Co-founder, Peak Asset Mgmt., LLC

Bob Thomas

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 11.24.05 AM.png

Our property management company has [rapidly grown] but didn't have the financial capacity for another US-based W2 employee. We ended up hiring two VAs through Offsite Professionals and have been very happy with the decision. They are great team players, excellent with customer service, and got up to speed very quickly. It feels like we got double the help for half the cost. Highly recommended!

Accounting Admin, Evergreen PM

Taylor Fritz


I am new to the virtual assistance world and Offsite Professionals has definitely given me a warm welcome! The agency prioritizes efficiency, clear communication, and finding the perfect fit for your company. 10/10 recommend!

Jugi is wonderful to work with and what an impact she’s made on our business since the beginning of the year. Please make sure your leadership team [knows] what an asset she’s been to us and is to your company, as well!


Agnes Pinkley

Inside Sales, Flynn Family Lending

Creative Director, Agenda Global

Katie DuBerry


I cannot thank Paul enough for all the hard work, attention to detail, and patience. I know this was a very tough assignment with a tight schedule. Paul has done a great job!

Director, PURE Property Mgmt.

DD Lee


I love working with Sam. She was handed a lot of tasks, was always up for the challenge, and [was] a quick learner. Once she learned what to do she was pretty much on autopilot.

Mary is amazing!! She has exceeded our expectations and has stepped right in and taken on an important role for our team!

Untitled (Instagram Post (Square)).png

Tiffany Mitchell

Portfolio Manager, Evergreen PM

CEO, Damesly

Kelly Lewis


Working with Offsite Professionals has been a great experience. They worked with me diligently to find the best candidate for the marketing role I was hiring for, and then stepped in to help when I needed to make adjustments. I would highly recommend them to any busy business owner or creative! 

Owner, We Do It All Construction

Trent More

We Do It All Logo Black HD Transparent.png

Bernice and Ana have been nothing but wonderful and Offsite Professionals has been great to work with.

Karisha has been taking on more complicated tasks than originally anticipated. She is always a very pleasant communicator. She works closely with any member of the team that is needed.  Everyone loves working with her. I love that she helped create a more fun office environment by [...] acknowledging team members' birthdays. [She] has exceeded our expectations in every way and we look forward to building on what she can help us with.


Kara Murray

Co-owner, Hamish Murray Constr.

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