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Tips On Finding The Perfect Offsite Professional

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Not sure where to start on finding you an Offsite Professional? We will narrow down things on how we can help each other find a perfect assistant for you.

And just like any other recruitment agency, each candidate will go through a series of screenings to get hired by Offsite Professionals.

Here are some tips to start having your professional:

1. Schedule an appointment with the Offsite Professionals team

If you are interested in acquiring our talents, we could set up a meeting with you and our team. Just send an email to or schedule a call through our Calendly from the website.

You can also take a survey through this form:

2. Write down the tasks you are doing daily.

Think about the tasks you do every time you open your computer when you start working. Observe the goals you have to meet every week or every month.

3. Categorize each task.

Looking at the bigger picture, list those tasks into different categories. Chances are, 3-10 of those tasks could be categorized as “social media management”, “responding to leads”, “client management”, etc.

4. Sort the tasks you want to outsource.

Do those tasks need your full attention or could your professional handle them for you?

At first, you might hesitate whether to outsource some of your tasks because they might not come out ‘right’ or the way you wanted. But training your professional will be worth it in the long run. You just need to have patience in coaching and someone willing to improve their work. A great tip is to make a well-planned onboard training program.

5. List down the skills and qualifications you need for your Offsite Professional

Think about the ideals you are looking for in an assistant. What are the skills needed to complete the tasks? What qualifications are you looking for? Do you need an experienced one, with job training, certification, etc.?

6. Creating Job Description

Here at Offsite Professionals, our team can provide a Job Description after our discussion during the initial call. But if you prefer submitting your own, this advice would be helpful.

Summarize all the things you have written by composing a job description. Use all the details that you have listed from the advice mentioned above. Note that you can find samples from other job advertisement platforms. But you can have the option of creating your own that will specify your particular needs.

It should include a short introduction, a job summary, duties and responsibilities, job details, and a company introduction.

7. Set a series of tasks your candidates need to complete.

Offsite Professionals has provided basic administrative skill tasks to test our applicants. If you are looking for a specialized skill, just let our team know so we can assess our candidates further.

8. Interview with your potential candidates.

After Offsite Professionals deliberates all the applicants after the initial interview, they will be narrowed down by 2-3 potential candidates. In this interview, you will get to know more about your candidates by meeting them. Remember that one of these people will work as your professional assistant.

Make sure to get your questions ready and note their answers. You might want to ask them situational questions, describe their working relationships, overcoming challenges, organization & communication style, and so on.

9. Hiring your chosen candidate

Congratulations on hiring your best candidate! A signed contract between you and your future Offsite Professional will be requested.

By this time, you are now preparing for coaching in a few days or a couple of weeks.

10. Onboarding your Offsite Professional

Remember to be patient with your professional. They might not be perfect but it’s better if we take time to communicate with them, hear them, learn what they are struggling with, and help them. In the end, success will be a result of how well you work together.

Hiring an Offsite Professional requires attention to detail, knowing what you’re looking for, and asking the right questions. These tips are just the beginning of acquiring excellent people in your team. Keeping them for long is a different story. Remember to create an environment where your professional can thrive. Good partnership and cooperation will take your business to success.


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