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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Hiring an Offsite Professional

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

As business owners, you might be facing some challenges like how you can effectively juggle different responsibilities while responding to your clients and customers at the same time.

If you lack the budget to hire a personal assistant, you are possibly managing customer/client relationships all by yourself. But as time goes, you will be overwhelmed with workloads. Your workflow could risk the quality of your service, which leads to a poor image in your business.

In a traditional office setting, companies hire a personal assistant who works on site. But because of the advanced technology we currently live in, a new strategy came up where business owners could increase productivity, save budget and find work-life balance - hiring a remote worker or an Offsite Professional.

What is an Offsite Professional?

An Offsite Professional is similar to an on-site worker but conducting tasks from a remote location. Because of the convenience of the internet, the business owner can communicate with his assistant through online messaging platforms, such as Skype, Zoom, Email, and more.

What does an Offsite Professional usually do?

An Offsite Professional can help you manage your business depending on your needs:

Admin, Sales, and Marketing tasks

Lead Generation

Content Creation


Customer Service & Support

Calendar Management & Appointment Setting

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Audio and Video editing

Web Management and Design

Ideas to help you improve your business

and more.

There are many other ways our Offsite Professional can help you.

Why should you hire a virtual assistant?

1. Free up to 40 hours of your weekly working time

Busy people like you are probably handling too much on their plate. If you are overwhelmed with your responsibilities, we can secure an assistant that will work for you full-time. What to do with your extra 40 hours? That is up to how you want to spend your free time. Whether you want to handle another project, spend time with loved ones, or use it up for leisure activities.

2. Save up a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal assistant

Our clients pay our professionals per hourly rate in the comfort of their own homes. Meaning to say, renting an establishment, buying equipment, utility services, or office space won’t incur a cost.

3. Pre-vetted professionals who will be a good pair for your business

Our recruitment process will ensure that your assistant would fulfill the required skills essential for your business. You will also get to meet and interview your ideal candidate to ensure that you match with an assistant that shares your vision.

4. Have an edge against competitors

Having an Offsite Professional will help protect and manage your business image when times get tough. You might not be able to take calls, respond to emails, meet with the client 24/7 as you already have a lot of work to do. Our Offsite Professional can manage these responsibilities to maintain a good image and high-quality service of your business.

5. Flexibility

As your company expands, there would more tasks to do. You can hire more Offsite Professionals and even build a team if you wish.

6. Find Peace

Delegate your tasks to your Offsite Professional while you focus more on upcoming bigger projects and more important things.

If you find this interesting, this might be your call to acquire one of our Offsite Professionals.

Just send us a message at or book an appointment to call us. We can help you set up an Offsite Professional for your needs.


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