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Get the help you need to keep your business running smoothly. We’ll connect you with the perfect team of virtual professionals based on your needs, so you can focus on growing your business.


Since 2020, Offsite Professionals has been providing remote professional services to business owners and executives across the United States. With our longevity, we’ve learned that staffing is not a numbers game — it’s a relationship-building business. That’s why we put an emphasis on listening, guiding and matching.

With a team of people, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs. We focus on your vision and build the business around your dream life. Don't allow the word "busy" to be an excuse as to why you're not fulfilling your purpose!


We’d love to speak with you! Contact us today to schedule a personal meeting.



Our mission is to provide executives, professionals, and business owners with committed support that is grounded in the principles of quality, ethics, open communication, and collaboration.


Our vision is to match business owners with talented and skilled offsite professionals that will add value through providing top-notch virtual assistant services to free up their time and enable them to focus on expanding their businesses. Do Less. Get More Done.


Trust - We build trust in every interaction with our clients

Teamwork - Be there for your team!

Accountability - We accomplish the things we said we’d do.

Discipline - We stay focused on our goals.

Innovation - Challenge the status quo!

I made the right choice when I chose an offsite professional to be a part of our team. Allen has helped me both in personal and business aspect of the business. She gets things done, pays attention to detail, and a smart person to work with. She is also very hands on with administrative tasks, helps me stay organized, and meets deliverables. Working with Allen gave me more opportunities to focus my time on other aspects of my business. I just knew when I interviewed Allen, that she was the one I am lookingfor. She has been nothing but amazing since day one.

AJ Shepard

Co-owner, Uptown Properties

I was looking to find ways to allow me maximize my time especially with the accounting side of my property management company. That’s when I have hired May to be my assistant and to help me with accounting tasks.She has helped me a lot and the accounting tasks are getting done on a timely manner. Her past experience in accounting has been a great help and she did not have a hard time adjusting to the business I am in. She is smart, has great initiative, organized, and a great person to collaborate with. I am excited to work with more future projects with my offsite professional, May.

Chris Shepard

Co-owner, Uptown Properties

My experience after hiring an off-site professional has been nothing short of amazing. I feel like I have added a team member to my team ever since Jessica started working with me. She is diligent, organized, and willing to learn new things every day. My business has increased 66% since she started and it is all thanks to Jessica. Finding someone that is great at the tasks that I struggled with before Jess started is something that I never considered before. I noticed that I was falling behind and not completing some of my requiredtasks and Jessica has created new processes to not only get these tasks done but also more efficiently. I recommend everyone hire an off-site professional to welcome anewteam member to their business

Trent Werner

Trent J Werner Real Estate

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Offsite Professionals are contracted employees who work your schedule and when you need. They offer the ability to maximize your time by tackling your task list. Offsite Professionals free up your workday so that you have the time to do want you want and be more mobile.

Offsite Professionals receive a higher wage compared to the average rate in their area. The same amount of work is completed at half the rate.


Work With the Best



Grow & Succeed


We Mean Business


Start Standing Out


Hiring an offsite professional allows for you to have someone in the office 100% of the time.  This let's you do the things that you need to do to get stuff done.  Whats different than any other virtual assistance type firm is that our employees work only for you and they work during your hours.  You can reach them by phone, text, video conferencing, and any mode of communication you deem necessary.


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Main Office: 30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan, WY 82801

Philippine Office: Level 10-01 Fort Legend Tower,

31st St corner 3rd Ave, Bonifacio Global City,

Taguig City, 1630

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